Dr. Seaton is an attentive and thorough practitioner. In addition to pain relief, her goal is to restore your health and maintain your optimal function.

Dr. Seaton practices chiropractic and functional medicine.

Your First Visit

Dr. Seaton takes a thorough medical and lifestyle history. She conducts a thorough examination, discusses what she finds, and your treatment options. The inital visit usually includes a treatment. Allow one and a half hours for this first visit.

Subsequent Visits

Dr. Seaton reviews your history, exercise treatments, nutritional issues, and revisits any areas of concern. Treatment is based on your progress. These apointments last 40 minutes.


Treatment may be mainly physical or conversational. If your problem is musculoskeletal, you may be treated using both active and passive methods. Active care includes rehabilitative exercises to normalize joint and muscle function. Passive care includes various manual techniques and modalities such as joint manipulation and ultrasound.

Active Therapy

Active therapy is a series of exercises customized for each patient. It may consist of stretching, strengthening, and coordination exercises.

Equipment may include Swiss ball, exercise bands, rocker-boards, foam rollers, etc.

Passive Therapy

Chiropractic Adjustive Techniques:

Dr. Seaton uses a variety of adjusting techniques depending on the patient's needs.

Physical Modalities:

Various massage and soft tissue techniques, ultrasound (a painless therapy to promote healing), and interferential current (an electrical modality used to decrease muscle spasm and increase circulation to an area).

Established patients can combine full body massage therapy with chiropractic treatments.

Functional Medicine

Dr. Seaton also applies the principals of Functional Medicine to her regular chiropractic practice. A complete Functional Medicine work-up is available.

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