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Jessica Seaton
Your Culver City Chiropractor

I've been going to Dr. Seaton for a year and a half now. I have a degenerative bone condition in my left hip, on top of a job that has me crawling on the floor and working on step ladders. I chose Dr Seaton after looking at the resumes of several chiropractors on the Westside; I was particularly interested in her knowledge in Sports Medicine, because I knew my hip problem was more involved then just a spinal misalignment. She did a very thorough interview and evaluation, which made me feel comfortable that she was paying attention to my particular situation. I had been to other chiropractors who seemed to gloss over my specific complaints and just do the typical adjustments... as if I, the layman, didn't know enough to help diagnose my own condition. In addition to several different treatment styles, she has given me several exercises to do as homework, and coaches me to get active. After a couple of months of intensive work my hip symptoms were much relieved. I now go once a month for maintenance. And when something at work knocks me out of alignment, she has been great at fitting me into her schedule for an emergency adjustment. I would recommend Dr. Seaton to anyone, and particularly anyone who has a need for Sports Medicine as well as Chiropractic.

--Chris D. (from Yelp)

I have been a patient of Dr. Seaton's for several years, and my aching back, knees & occasional neck twinge can attest to her able touch & gentle hands. Dr. Seaton is an excellent diagnostician, she has a knowledge of both nutrition & supplements as well, via her functional medicine studies and she is able to use all those skills to cure things other doctors often miss. She does do a through examination and her initial visit is a longer one, as she will spend a fair amount of time going over your health history. I think her prices are fair, she is not cheapest but not the most expensive either. She does do some insurance billing but usually provides you with a bill to send to your insurance company. She listens & she helps you heal.

Highly recommend.
--Myra C (from Yelp)

Description of Experience: 
I have longstanding neck problems from car accidents in the past. Dr. Seaton has given me fantastic care over the years. I go to her whenever my neck (or sometimes, lower back) is aggravated and get an adjustment. She will use ultrasound and/or massage in addition to the adjustment. She also is extremely knowledgeable on nutritional supplements, and I purchase them from her. In addition, she recommends exercises, stretches, and modifications to the activities I pursue when appropriate. In the past she has successfully treated my lower back and a sprained ankle.

Member Comments: 
Dr. Seaton is an excellent doctor!! She gives the patient a lot of time and focused attention and considers not just the injury but lifestyle issues that impact the body and our ability to heal. She is very concerned that patients get good physical exercise, take care of themselves, and resume their former activities. I have gone to her for years (thanks to a number of car accidents) and trust her implicitly to give the best treatment.
--Marianne C. (from Angie's List)


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